Project features



Oct 2019

Dec 2021





The GoU want to structure and tender a PPP transaction (the “Project” or “Phase II”) for the design, financing, construction, O&M of CCGT plant with a capacity of approx. 1,500 MW. Earlier in 2019, the GoU have also signed MoU with another project developer to develop a similar capacity plants (“Phase I”) in the close vicinity of the Projects. The proposed site area for the Projects are located near the existing Syrdarya TPP, which with the capacity of 3,050 MW is the largest power plant in Uzbekistan. Recently 4 units or a total of 950 MW of the Syrdarya TPP have been rehabilitated and they are expected to be used for regulated capacities even though other old units are to be decommissioned in line with the implementation of new CCGT power plants. All these factors make the Project technically the most complex in Uzbekistan power system.

Consultant’s primary responsibilities shall include:

  • Perform Technical, Environmental and Social Due Diligence on the Project location of the new power plant; 
  • Prepare a program for ground investigations;
  • Assess the need for the Peaking Plant and determine the size and implementation timeline for such plant;  
  • Recommend an optimal “rough” configuration of the CCGT Plant prepare the related set of minimum technical requirements (MTR); 
  • Advise and support IFC on all relevant technical aspects of the Project all the way through commercial closing; 
  • Prepare technical sections of the project tender documents, concession agreement, and other project documents as required, including Technical, Environmental and Social Requirements.

Services provided

Juru’s scope covers the following:

  • Project and stakeholder management activities in Uzbekistan;
  • Support technical due diligence of the project location including preparation of set of TORs for ground investigations;
  • Support power system assessment;
  • Support conceptual CCGT plant design;
  • Perform Environmental and Social Due Diligence and preparation of set of TORs for additional studies;
  • Support structuring of the transaction; 
  • Support preparation of minimum technical specifications, technical appendices schedules or drafting of RFQ and RFP package including bid evaluation criteria;
  • Support the prequalification, bid evaluation, negotiation and commercial closure.