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Feb 2023

Dec 2023



Central Asia


Masdar has been awarded to design, build, finance, construct and operate 250 MWac Solar PV + 63 MW/ 126 MWh BESS Project in Bukhara (the Project) as a part of IFC Uzbekistan Scaling Solar 3 Tender. The Project is located in Alat district, Bukhara, covering a maximum area of 691 ha. The Project site is considered as unmodified area with presence of Red Book listed flora and fauna species, and mainly used for grazing purposes only. The Consultant was hired by the Client to develop a bankable ESIA package in compliance with the lenders’ requirements, National EIA as per local regulations and support the Client during the financial close.

Services provided

Task 1: Scoping report

Task 2: Preparation of the SEP and GRM support

Task 4: Full ESIA package including NTS, ESMP, ESIA Technical Appendices and supporting documents

  • Baseline studies, including:
    • 24-hr noise monitoring at 3 sensitive locations by using sound meter Type 1 (with 100mm windscreen)
    • 24-hr Continuous air monitoring at 3 locations for NOx, CO, SO2 PM2.5 and PM10 by AQ mesh
    • Full chemical analysis of soil quality by collecting 5 samples
  • Biodiversity assessment, including:
    • Critical habitat screening
    • Herpetological, bird, fish, botanical/habitat survey
  • Social impact assessment, including:
    • Creating profiles of local communities by conducting socio economic surveys in 250 households
    • Walkover survey to determine cultural heritage at the proposed project area
    • Organisation of public consultations and ESIA disclosure meetings
  • Archaeological and Cultural Heritage survey

Task 5: LRP 

Task 6: National EIA report (Stage I)

Task 7: Supplementary reports 

  • Critical Habitat Assessment
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment 
  • Human Rights Risk Assessment

Task 8: Support the Client for financial close

  • Addressing the lenders’ comments
  • Preparation of final budget for ESIA & LRP implementation

Task 9: LRP implementation support 

  • Preparation of the compensation packages 
  • Organisation of training on Microfinance management for PAPs